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About Commissioning & Culture

Director, Commissioning and Culture is responsible for Strategic planning and delivery of the following service areas:

  • Arts and Culture, including the schools’ music and arts education service
  • Sports and Physical Activity
  • Children’s Commissioning
  • Parks and Open Spaces
  • Contract Services
  • Strategy, Policy & Improvement

What is commissioning?

Commissioning is a way of working and thinking in Tower Hamlets that:

  • Appreciates and identifies the lived experiences, strengths and needs of residents and communities, in ways that engage local people
  • Uses evidence and insight to design solutions that improve outcomes, achieving maximum impact and securing value for money
  • Shapes system resources to deliver diversity, choice and innovation
  • Procure and delivers services, assets and interventions with providers that support resilient communities and a sustainable place.  
  • Evaluates performance in the context of Tower Hamlets’ outcomes, ensuring relentless focus on improving our place

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