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Message from Primary Heads Consultative Chair

Dear prospective Director of Education,

Thank you for your interest in joining our Tower Hamlets community, a special place to be. Tower Hamlets is an unique settlement in a myriad of ways, geographically, demographically, historically and most of all because of the family of schools.

The primary, secondary and full consultative groups and structures are an established vehicle for school improvement, collective efficacy, support and healthy challenge. Leaders work together in mature partnerships to help shape our educational future. We consist mainly of maintained schools of various designations, with a handful of home grown academies.

Heads and leaders are attracted by the sense of purpose and drive for the common good, embedded in the values and history of what has shaped us. The successes in our education system stem from The Tower Hamlets Story, the journey of improvement that was sparked by failure and being bottom of the league tables many years ago. The work with officers, in partnership with schools, to provide a great education is still here, we improved but we stay ambitious for our children and young people.

The ingredients of our successes are still with us, in school leadership or in the Learning and Achievement Teams under The Tower Hamlets Educational Partnership. Kevin Collins and Christine Gilbert, previous DCS continue to be involved through THEP. The Sunday Times top school in the country, along with many others in the top 500 are here for a reason. We are not complacent, professional development and succession planning is strong, as are partnerships and innovation.

If you put down roots in Tower Hamlets, you will be part of a complex and compelling community. I started my teaching career here almost twenty five years ago on the Isle of Dogs. Then we supported residents to vote in order to defeat the National Front. Knowing our past but keeping our heads scanning the horizon is a feature of how we work together. Many of the teachers I met along this journey are now my fellow heads, having grown up together professionally, invested in our children regardless of school designation. Authentic leadership, based on trust, collegiality and healthy competition defines our relationships.

Our challenges like many other authorities are typical of the times; sustaining or organising local government where responsibility for function can exceed capacity, power or influence, and funding.

Refining the systems for cooperation and communication between specialists such as Health, Housing, Unions so that partnerships are sophisticated and meet the needs of the family.

Ensuring rigour, evidence and transparency in decision making is explicit especially with demographic changes.

Balancing political imperatives whilst maintaining the focus on the communities we serve and the education we provide, especially in SEND.

Tower Hamlets is an area with the fastest population and building growth in London, financial city in Canary Wharf, the historical parts of the Tower of London, the vibrant and bustling Spitalfields and Brick Lane, juxtaposed with multi generational poverty and lower life expectancy in parts of Poplar, the beauty of Victoria Park and the Thames mean that although our contexts vary, our values and purpose unite us.

We want a Divisional Director who will share our passion and purpose to serve the children, young people and families whilst championing our amazing family of schools and leaders.

Fanoula Smith, Chair of Primary Consultative
Headteacher of St Saviours CofE Primary, Poplar 

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