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The Tower Hamlets Education Partnership

Message from the Executive Director, Tower Hamlets Education Partnership (THE Partnership)

Schools and the wider education community, in collaboration with the Local Authority, came together to develop THE Partnership in response to the 2016 White Paper ‘Education Excellence Everywhere’ with a desire to develop a local, collective response building on a rich legacy of working collaboratively to raise standards.

The very strong sense of place, the complex landscape of existing networks and partnerships and the history of successfully raising educational standards provided a shared sense of moral purpose and a good foundation for setting up Tower Hamlets Education Partnership.

The council’s priority is to provide ‘Every Chance for Every Child’ and THEP leads on working with schools to achieve the highest standards. We have clarity about our vision to:

1. Cultivate trust and collaboration

2. Create excitement about teaching, learning and leadership

3. Build confidence and capacity in Tower Hamlets in order that it becomes truly schools led

Our strapline, 'Improving Schools Together', captures what we are about – leading and building a truly collaborative, evidence based, partnership of schools for the benefit of the whole school community.

This is done very much in partnership with the LA; we are commissioned by the Local Authority to carry out their statuary function in relation to school improvement. We complement that with a core offer to our member schools, centred on our commitment to provide outstanding professional and leadership development.

Tracy Smith, Executive Director, THEP 

The aim of Tower Hamlets Education Partnership is to meet the challenge of ensuring that all children and young people in Tower Hamlets achieve the best possible outcomes and flourish through an effective partnership of schools.

Led by schools, for schools, THE Partnership is building on 20 years of excellence in Tower Hamlets and an existing culture of collaborative working to continue to raise standards.

Our core values:

  • Aspiration
  • Trust and support
  • Equality and inclusion
  • Transparency and accountability

THE Partnership is registered as a School Company – a company limited by guarantee with charitable status – owned by its member schools. We are governed by a Board of Trustees.

What We Do

Improving schools together

Led by schools, for schools, THE Partnership is building on 20 years of excellence in Tower Hamlets and an existing culture of collaborative working to continue to raise standards.

The primary focus of THE Partnership is collaboration for school improvement – for all schools, not just for those experiencing difficulties.

Our key activities include knowing the strengths and needs of the schools in our Partnership, through our school improvement team and leadership consultants and through the mechanism of peer review.

THE Partnership will promote, facilitate and drive school-led improvement through which:

  • Schools themselves are in control of and responsible for school improvement and have a collective say in its development and delivery. Performance and results are rigorously analysed and challenged to support continued improvement.
  • Trusted networking opportunities enable good practice to be shared and new developments and solutions to be planned and delivered.
  • Schools support, challenge and learn from one another and from trusted partners to spread effective practice.
  • Schools actively collaborate to design and access the support they need to ensure improvement.
  • A culture of innovation for continuous improvement is encouraged and supported.
  • The best schools extend their reach so that all improve.
  • Effective interventions are brokered quickly where there are issues of concern.
  • Our targeted outcomes are achieved.

The services we offer to schools are focused on school improvement and professional learning.

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